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Canoe floats and camping on Missouri's beautiful, spring-fed North Fork River and Bryant Creek

Riverside Canoe Rental • 5 Riverside Lane • Caulfield, MO 65626
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Old Town, Osagian, Clearwater & Alumacraft canoes

Photo by Jackie Oliver.



On the North Fork River

  • Hammond Camp to our camp*
    14 miles / 6-8 hours average
  • Blair Bridge to our camp
    5 miles / 2-3 hours average
  • Blair Bridge to Dawt Mill
    9 miles / 4-6 hours average
  • Our camp to Dawt Mill
    5 miles / 2-4 hours average
  • Blair Bridge to Tecumseh
    12 miles / 5-8 hours average
  • Our camp to Tecumseh
    7 miles / 3-5 hours average

* Most popular float.

Lots of items for sale at our Riverfront Store.

Ask about our "Blair / Dawt Company Picnic Float" with Lunch in the middle.

Haul to Twin Bridges or Hebron will add 5 or 10 miles respectively to the float back to our camp. Extra charge per boat beyond Hammond upriver. We no longer haul to Twin Bridges or Hebron on Saturday mornings. Sunday through Friday only. [top]

On Bryant Creek
Extra charge per boat. Only after 11 am on Saturdays during season.

  • Hodgson Mill to Warren Bridge
    8 miles / 4-6 hours average
  • Warren Bridge to Tecumseh
    11 miles / 5-7 hours average

Any haul causing our driver to return after 7:00 pm will be charged $5 extra per canoe.

As you will probably be floating back into camp, you don't have to worry about a pick-up the first day, so everyone can float at his own pace. All you take along are the necessities. [top]


We cater to families, youth groups, church groups, reunions who DON'T want the "party all night," "loud" campgrounds. Have fun, but quiet time is 11:00 pm, enforced.

This is a special place for many people. To keep it so, we request that you be litter conscious. Leave nothing behind but your footprints. Take only pictures. Kill only time. Do unto your fellow campers as you would have them do unto you!

  • Quiet time from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am.
  • No speakers or loud radios!
  • All radios off by 11:00 pm.
  • No fireworks without permission!
  • Pets are allowed, but must be on leash.
  • No Firearms Permitted!
  • New Alcohol Policy – This new policy is being initiated because of nationwide concerns of our insurance carriers, and due to that, may become more stringent in future years. Many float companies are choosing to ban alcohol. We choose NOT to do that! We expect you to be sensible and reasonable with your consumption of alcohol on the river and in the campground. But, if you can’t have a good time without getting obnoxious, rowdy and loud, and observing our quiet time from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am, don’t come here!!! Grossly drunken and obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated. Floating is a risk sport. You need use of your faculties for safety’s sake. ON THE FLOAT TRIP, WE WILL ONLY ALLOW THE AMOUNT OF ALCOHOL IN CONTAINERS WHICH WILL FIT IN ONE 28" x 15" x 16" OR SMALLER COOLER, PER CANOE.
  • Glass containers are now illegal.
  • All items must be secured in boat.

Our Main Campground is along the river or we offer another secluded site on the hill for groups who wish to be off by themselves. [top]

We have four motel units:
Each unit sleeps 4. 1 bedroom, bath & shower and air conditioning. Also 1 sleeper cabin which sleeps 4 with air conditioning and NO bath. Please bring your own sheets, blankets and towels. See Rates below.

We offer the following, even if you bring your own canoe:

  • Hot showers.
  • Flush toilets.
  • Fire rings.
  • Picnic tables.
  • Volleyball.
  • Horseshoes.
  • Small store offering ice, firewood, T-shirts, hats, coolie cups, lighters, mantles, etc. for sale.
  • Some screen houses and tents for rent.
  • 6 miles to groceries and gas stations.

Due to our economic times, all prices are subject to change without notice. Sales tax included in price.

2015 RATES

CAMPING   [top]
Pay at the office on arrival or at the
river store in front of the bathhouse on the weekends.
Campers renting our boats or having Riverside shuttle yours, same rate per night.
Adults (12 & over), 1 night only $10 per person
Adults (12 & over), 2 or more nights, per night $9 per person
Children 5-11 years, per night 1/2 price per child
Children under 5 years, per night $3 per child
Campers renting our tubes.
Adults (12 & over), 1 night only $10 per person
Children, same as above
Camp only and/or shuttling your own canoes.*
Adults (12 and over), 2 nights minimum $15 per person
Children 5-11 years, per night 1/2 price per child
Children under 5 years, per night $3 per night
*Subject to boat-renting customers having first choice to sites.
Camping is discounted in winter when water is shut off.
EXTRAS  [top]
Electric hookup $9 extra per day
Non-confrontational dogs - must be on leash $5 per day
Pavillion Fee $5 per day
All persons visiting or parking, but not camping or floating our canoes are subject to a Day Use fee.
• Fish, Picnic, Swim $5 per person per day
• Park Only $5 per car per day
• Take Out/Launch $5 per boat/tube per day
MOTEL ROOMS* (credit card required)   [top]
2 persons, with a canoe rental $45 per night
2 persons, without a canoe rental $55 per night
Extra persons or pet $8 per night
Refundable key deposit $2 per key
*No bedding or towels, please bring your own.
Hammond to Riverside
1st day $40
2nd day $38
1st day $28
2nd day $24
Blair to Riverside Canoe
1st day $40
2nd day $30
1st day $28
2nd day $20
Blair to Riverside - Minimum 4 person, $100. 6 or 8-Man Raft
$25 per person per day
Riverside to Dawt Canoe
1st day $40
2nd day $30
1st day $28
2nd day $20
Blair to Dawt Canoe
1st day $40
2nd day $32
1st day $28
2nd day $22
Blair to Dawt - Minimum 4 person, $100. 6 or 8-Man Raft
$25 per person per day
Hodgeson to Warren (Bryant Creek) Canoe
1st day $60
2nd day $55
1st day $45
2nd day $40
Hodgeson to Warren (Bryant Creek)
Monday - Thursday
Warren to Tecumseh (Bryant Creek) Canoe
1st day $62
2nd day $57
1st day $47
2nd day $42
Warren to Tecumseh (Bryant Creek)
Monday - Thursday
Twin Bridges to Riverside
Hebron to Riverside
Kelly Ford to Riverside
1st day $50
2nd day $45
1st day $30
2nd day $30
RAFTS - 6 or 8-MAN
Blair to Riverside
Blair to Dawt
$25 per person per day
(4 person minimum - $100)
Tubes (2 minimum) $12 we haul
$15 from Kelly Ford
$10 you haul
Canoe $35+ per day
Kayak $25+ per day
Scouts, Youth Groups or 10 or more canoes with all monies paid ahead by one person. Call for info.
Memorial Day through Labor Day  [top]
Advance reservations and payment required for suppers.
No refunds for no shows.

We will have soft serve ice cream for sale on Saturday nights.
Weekend Breakfast
Limited to one trip through line.
• Saturday Hours: 7:00 am - 8:30 am.
• Sunday Hours: 7:30 am - 9:00 am.
Biscuits, gravy, pancakes, French toast, fruit, juice, coffee.
$5 per person
Saturday Night Supper
With Advance Reservation and Payment Only!
Supper also available on Sunday night on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.
8 person Minimum.
• Hours: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
Exact time determined when making reservations.
No reservations, no meal will be served.
Pasta dinner or Mexican fiesta dinner. Hot dogs available for the kids.
$8 per person

Must be paid Monday in advance. No refund for no-shows.

Blair/Dawt Picnic Float with Lunch in the Middle.
Minimum of 10 persons. Does not include camping.
Extra lunches for non-floaters, $6 each.
Great for company picnics!
$26 per person
$34 per person
$30 per person

All persons will be required to sign a liability waiver when using any of our facilities. Any minor children with you must have a waiver signed by their parents! Please download it here, complete it and bring it with you.

DEPOSIT RATE - only the deposit needed to hold reservations, not the full price.
• $50 per raft per day to float
• $25 per canoe per day to float
• $15 per kayak per day to float
• $5 per person over 12 to camp
• $3 per child under 12 to camp
• $5 per tube per day to float

For groups, leader needs to collect deposit and send check or call with cedit card number within 10 days of booking time. Refunds for cancelation will be made ONLY up to Sunday before float date. Credit card deposits will not be charged until then. Be sure to call and adjust your numbers by this date, or you WILL be charged. Due to economic times, we must add a fee of $1.00 when we charge your credit card. In the event of heavy rain or high water, at time of float, rain checks or refunds will be issued. All other refunds after deadline will be rain checks minus a small fee. Determination as to floatability will be made by noon. We reserve the right to alter float to meet conditions.

We suggest you make reservations as far in advance as possible, but we do welcome drop-ins, especially mid-week and off season. Except the month of November, we're open all year, weather and conditions permitting.

Canoe Damage: We expect normal wear and tear on our canoes and equipment. In the event a canoe or equipment is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, we expect only the repair expense of the canoe. You will be charged the wholesale price of lost paddles, lifejackets and cushions. Insurance ($20 deductible) can be purchased for $2 per canoe at time of rental. Does not cover pads, paddles, or cushions. INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER THE LOSS OF THE COMPLETE CANOE, ONLY DAMAGE. Charge for complete loss will be determined by replacement value. A $25 retrieval fee will be charged for abandoned or lodged canoes.

CAR TAGS - ALL cars are to stop at office on the way in and get a color coded car tag for your rear-view mirror indicating camping or visiting, floating, campsite number and group name. We wantto know who goes down our road!

Without float camping
Since we are in the business of renting boats, we must first reserve our camping for those customers who rent boats. Without float camping is on a space avaialble basis, subject to all float renting customers having first choice to sites. We can accommodate you in our overflow campground at the top of the hill. If space is still available in the river campground on Thursday before your scheduled stay, we will then assign it to you. You and any visiting guests will be charged the $5 fee per boat/kayak/tube (see below) for launch or take out besides the camping fee.

LAUNCH FEE - $5 per private boat or tube to launch or take out at our landing.


HAUL YOUR TUBE - $3 with rental of $20 or more.

KELLY FORD FLOATS - On Saturdays, no earlier than 11:00 am.

MOTEL RENTAL - Credit card required for motel rental or $50 cleaning deposit. Too many problems with trashing.

HAULS - If you want to bring your own boats or tubes, we will haul them for you for $35 +/day canoes, $25+/day Kayaks, $5+/day tubes.


NEW FOR 2015  [top]
New Rates for Motel Rooms

$45 per night for 2 people floating with us.
$55 per night for 2 people not floating with us.
Camping rates for extra persons.
Pavillion Fee $5.00 per day


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Family owned and operated.

Riverside Canoe Rental • 5 Riverside Lane • Caulfield, MO 65626
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